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  • Полное название: Alcan otomotiv
    Страна: Турция
    Год основания: 1978
    сфера применения продукции: грузовые автомобили
    Категории запчастей: детали двигателя
    Сертификаты: ISO 9001 2008

    Kits Are better and cheaper….

    By using Caliper kits on your vehicle you will not only make BIG savings, you will also be reducing your company’s carbon footprint & assisting your company’s environmental policy for a better future.

    We have also incorporated many engineering upgrades into our products, thus improving our product’s characteristics and life. We are an ISO9001:2008 compliant company so all of our Caliper kits are manufactured to very high standards with full traceability throughout our factory.

    There is the time that you must to replace complete calipers because of safety, so to change all caliper is more expensive than kits. Normally not all parts from calipers are not in good condition so instead to replace complete calipers you canchange only wrong working kits from caliper. So in price for one compete calipers you can repair many kits from calipers.

    Also is important that for services is easier to keep stock of caliper kits comparing to stock of complete calipers.

    Additionally ALCAN calipers kits are offering unique kits which original producers do not offered.

    The quality of kits are almost the same as OEM and services are giving the same guarantee time after reparation.

    The services must only remember to not mix the kits from different producers in reparation of one calipers because they cando not work properly together in 100%.So Please make sure that you have fully ALCAN caliper kits for your caliper.


    Is to keep your business mobile & your running costs to a minimum


    We aim to gain 100% customer satisfaction
    We aim get it right every time - FIRST TIME!
    We seek out constant improvements in all aspects of our workmanship


    We use the finest quality rawmaterial in all metal parts and go through all the steps to make our products resistant and durable.

    For the rubber parts, we use fully silicone raw material - the same quality as the original parts, because  we know that in the caliper the rubber parts must be perfect quality.

    For the plastic parts we are using 100% plastic rawmaterial without any other less worthy material mixed in the components.

    Screws, springs have all the original measurement and hardness values.

    The reason of all the tests is to give our clients 1 year warranty, if the Caliper is fully remanufactured with ALCAN caliper kits.

    ALCAN Caliper Kits Test Process

    1. Assemblage the parts on the Caliper to check if the parts fit properly or not.
    2. Assemblage and utilization the Caliper on the truck or bus at least 6 months to check how it operates and to see the wear and corrosion time of the part.
    3. For the metal parts; corrosion tests, salt test, water test.

    For the rubber parts silicone tests, material test and individual tests for all single parts.

    So why do we pay more if we have the ALCAN caliper kits!

    Телефон: +90 232 486 66 89
    Контактное лицо: Oguz SERİN, Export Manager